Saturday, January 21, 2012

Building a Back Bone

You know, it really is strange to hear about people being so critical about Twilight.  I'm not trying to defend the work, or defend it as a great piece of literary work.  Sometimes you just find yourself at the right place and right time.  I don't know, but I really don't understand why so many people hate on books like Twilight and My Blood Approves.  I think Twilight set up a much more realistic world than she is being credit for sometimes by haters.  I think too many people think of the movie when they think about what the characters look like and forget that this world exists best in text.  Those books were not designed (well I can't say that I know for sure seeing that I have never spoken to Meyers) but I can hope that they weren't designed to be the next To Kill a Mockingbird or Of Mice and Men.  I hope that they are stories that allow middle aged school girls and almost thirty year old women like myself to coast into a world of non-reality where love and life can last an eternity.  I think what is most fascinating is the idea of living forever.  I would think a large audience must have considered the idea of living forever.  I mean it is intriguing!  Think of all the books you could read and write during a time like that under different pen names.  Oh I am salivating just thinking about it.

But I digress.  My editor (husband as I mentioned before) is almost completely finished editing the first copy of what I hope will be my first published book, of The Punishment Sequence.  I have to say that despite my ANT's I am actually pretty proud of this work and looking forward to getting my first overall critique about the story and not just my grammar and punctuation.  I have a horrible problem of also skipping over words when I type too quickly, so if I ever do that, I apologize and don't hesitate to ask me just what the hell I am talking about.  However, I also have the problem of thinking that every critique about my writing is a direct attack on me.  I really need to get over that and get a damn spine.  I wish getting a critique was as quick as getting a piercing.  BAM!  It's in, it hurts...but at least it's over and I can go on with my life.  A critique?  A critique can sit inside, eating away at my confidence for months.  How does one build a back bone? 

I find it increasingly more difficult to build a back bone in regards to my writing because most people react pretty positively towards it.  I loved writing in high school, and I was an English Major in college who wanted to take any class that involved essays rather than exams.  It will be tough...but I hope that I will survive my first big critique.  So there, in a crazy...not focused and certainly not organized manner you have the thoughts and confessions of a self-conscious author.


  1. Funny... I was talking with some friends about Twilight hate and strangely found myself defending Meyers. XD I don't like Twilight at all, dropped it after having read the first book to try and understand what the hype was all about, but those who attack HER directly I just can't stand... she had a book, got it published, got famous for it. Luck is very important in this stuff after all. Not her fault if she's a lucky gal.

    Talking about critique...You can have my two cents... maybe they'll help you in not over-reacting in the future? (most probably not -_-)
    There are two type of people who will critique you: Haters and Supporters.
    Haters will most likely use insulting words and lots of sarcasm... their point will be picking on you and your work and try to tear both apart WITHOUT GIVING ANY IMPUT. That's mainly what sets haters apart. They don't get any deeper than "it sucks".
    Supporters on the other hand are people who ENJOYED your work, and just feel that some little touches here or there might make it a bit better (or just closer to their tastes)...
    Even if it might look like a bashing at first, if it does give suggestions it's most probably someone who is trying to support you... remember, if someone is spending time to write you even just a few words, you must have made some impression, and if they aren't just trying to put you down, then it was a POSITIVE impression... so don't look at it like "I done wrong" but more like a "maybe I can put a few finishing touches". And, needless to say, if after having analyzed a suggestion you still don't like it... then just ignore it and move on.
    Of course this doesn't apply to "professional" critique... people in magazines and stuff might comment how evilly as they want... ^^'

    I guess you already knew all of this, but... well, I felt like saying this anyway ^^

  2. Haha, I overreact over everything. It's part of my wonderful charm I guess. Yeah, I have no problems sending over some chapters if you'd actually want to read them and offer advise. It may help me get over my stupid fear.

    I get what you are saying about haters and supporters and honestly? Both of them make me nervous because I wonder if supporters are just lying to me so I don't get hurt and haters are just honest with their feelings. What a lose-lose way of thinking huh? LOL. You are also def right about people taking the time to say anything, I agree with you completely.

    No, I don't know all of that of what you just said, and even if I ANT's always takes over and I completely forget everything and think everyone is out to get me. I appreciate you saying to me, because you really don't owe me anything and you said it anyway. Thanks so much, that just made me smile. :-)

  3. Heh, sorry for replying so late ^^'

    Well, sure I always like to read something new... especially if it might help the writer ^^ And I never have bitten off any heads. That said, I'll of course be honest in my comment after the reading, else it won't do much good, no? ^^'

    Well, haters are almost TOO honest *sigh* at times too honest and blunt to even think about what they are typing/saying. -_-''
    As for supporters... lying isn't exactly the way I'd put it. It's true that many people get a BIT carried away... like a simple "I like what you're writing and I think you're a great writer" can easily become a "I LOVE YOUR WORK, IT'S THE BEST THING I EVER READ AND I WANT YOU TO HAVE MY BABIES" kind of thing. ^^'
    But hyperbole isn't lying XD just getting a bit hyper with it XD

  4. Goodness, could I take any longer to respond? I apologize. No, it probably wouldn't do a lot of good if you weren't honest, because goodness knows, that people will be QUITE honest when I put myself out there. Haha

    I couldn't agree with you more. Honesty frightens me though, especially brutal honesty. That's true about the hyperbole, but it only takes one little backhanded comment before I can't even think about those crazy, nice, over the top things.

  5. Lol, not a problem. ^^
    Well, if you're going to post some edited stuff on dA then I'm surely going to comment on those. ^^