Monday, January 16, 2012

So it Begins...

There isn't much to say when you decide that you actually want to be a writer.  You read so much about the self-publishing idea and you have told so many times by so many people that you have a talent for writing.  So you write.  And write.  And then you drink some coffee and eat some jelly beans and then write some more.  Writing has always come easy to me, at least the typing part and the coming up with ideas, but what happens when you realize that you have to let others read what you write in order to become an author?  Scary as hell right?  I enjoy writing so much but I don't enjoy thinking about what other people will think of my work.  It drives me crazy!  I'm so convinced that everyone will hate everything and anything that I have to say that I wonder what's the point in writing anything because everyone will hate it...before I've even let anyone see my work yet!  It's crazy to think about and it's extremely tiring.  But I think I am finally ready to at least put something out there in the world for people to read.  I love to write so much and I love the idea of other people reading my work but I just hate the idea of being critiqued.

I saw once on Amanda Hocking's blog that "she couldn't be everything to everybody" or something like that and that statement really hit home for me.  It will be absolutely impossible to please everyone with what I write, but it should also be pretty unlikely that everyone will hate what I write.  Right?  That's got to be right at least to a certain extent.  Paranoia is a beast.  However, this is at least that is what I will try to tell myself when I'm writing.  I hope that once this process is finished, that I will be able to look back on this and say, "what was I so worried about?" but I doubt it.

For now I'll just continue writing, which by the way, is young-adult urban fantasy/paranormal romance. I finished writing a modern retelling of Gulliver's Travels but I'm not too sure how much I like it anymore.  The whole thing will need reworked.  I'm working on other things, and I am always posting on Deviant Art, (please feel free to check it out) and now I am obsessed with finishing a series called The Punishment Sequence which involves a lot of druids, pixis, and other what not.  I hope my editor/husband will finish editing the first book so I will have something more exciting to write about.

I guess that is it for now. :-)


  1. Saw your journal on dA and followed the shiny link here... (This is Osric90 btw ^^)
    And yeah, there's no way to please EVERYONE... there'll be bashing and there'll be praise for your writing, as it is with every form of art ever. The important part is to ignore the hate, cherish the compliments, and consider carefully and objectively any suggestions given... not easy, I know. ^^'
    Anyways... as a fellow writer (and one who would like to publish as well), I'm curious to see how your publishing will go and wish you lots of luck. ^^

    1. Yes! I definitely know who you are! :-) I know what you're saying, it can be really hard but I really am going to try my best and not over-think things. Lol, like I usually do. It'll be tough but I am always up for a challenge. Thank you so very much, and I wish you luck as well when you try to publish!!