Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A lot of people have been telling me that they like my Fan-Fiction that I posted on my Deviant Art account, Arrietty 5 Years Later.  I didn't really think too much about writing it because when I got word that Studio Ghibli was making this movie, it was many, MANY months ago.  I ordered the DVD from Japan on Blu Ray to be shipped to my house the day it came out and I was simply amazed by it.  I bought the art books, the film guides, the film comics, just about anything one could have.  I love G/T and I love anime so this was like the two of them having sex.  Haha!

I thought the movie was amazing and the VA's did not disappoint.  The first thing that I wanted to do was write a fan fic.  I always wrote them for my own personal pleasure, but I never thought about letting other people read my work.  That simply lends itself to criticism and comparisons to the original work.  I didn't know if I was ready for that, but my husband said to give it a try.  Because like he said, it was a fan fic about two things that I was overly passionate about.  So I did it!

I didn't think too much about it at the time, but now that the movie is in the states and people are seeing  it, I was so happy that so many people were checking out my fan fic and eventually my other short stories!  A lot of people say G/T literature isn't for everyone because too many people think of it as a fetish, but I never felt that way.  I loved movies and books like The Borrowers, Thumbelina, The Indian in the Cupboard and Faery Rebels.  I don't think G/T will be the next vampire/werewolf trend, but I think people are becoming more open to watching G/T and reading about it.

I hope that my book will fit into this equation.  I'm working extra hard on it now, and though I didn't see the US version of The Borrower Arrietty I have heard pretty good reviews from those on DA.  I don't know, I don't like the VA's, but I really never do, especially if I've seen the Japanese version first.  I think Sho/Shawn sounds too old, but I think the actual dialogue sounds okay from what I've seen in the previews.  I dunno, I will probably buy the Disney Blu-Ray just to say I have it.  I hope there are some specials in it that weren't in the Japanese version.

But I digress.  I'm just so happy that my DA sight is doing so well.  I want others to read what I am taking time to write but I also want them to enjoy it!  I just love the fact that both BBC and Studio Ghibli have put together some great works with GT in it!  What will the US bring?

I hope the answer isn't Jack and the Giant Killer. :-(

Monday, February 6, 2012

Edit, Edit, and then Edit Some More!

I know it sounds silly, but I never really gave too much thought on how much a story needs edited to pass for a book that people might pay for.  I have been moving around things, correcting grammar, adding more scenes, and deleting ones that I don't think make sense.  It's a lot harder than a I thought to have someone correcting my work and pointing out things that are wrong with it or need improving.  It's like handing over a dish at a restaurant that you put your heart and soul into and allowing strangers to critique it.  Not that I consider my husband/editor a stranger, but it is still tough.  I am still waiting for him to have an epiphany:  suddenly realizing that my writing sucks and he doesn't want to help me do this anymore.  Sigh, he tells me that I am crazy for thinking stuff like that, but I can't think any other way.

My mother threw a fit when I accidentally let it slip that I got my eyebrow pierced. She said that she was disgusted with me.  I know it's a little melodramatic, but when I hear things like that...how am I supposed to assume that people won't think my writing style is disgusting.  It's a part of me.  It's a piece of me.  My writing is who I am, like my piercing and my piercing disgusts my own mother.  It's going to be so hard, getting through this process and not convincing myself that everyone hates me and finds me strange and aloof.

I think I may have my first book posted on Amazon by the middle of March and that is so crazy to think about.  I edit like crazy while trying to keep up with my school work and trying to maintain my sanity.  I am not a confident person by nature, and last week was a pretty tough experience.  I don't want to disgust anybody, I want people to be proud of me and enjoy the work that I am doing, but when I hear things like I did last week...it's hard to say 'no biggie.'  I don't know how many times the people I love will have to drill into my head that I'm a decent writer and when people don't like my stuff, it's not that they don't like me.

I like to be on my own, but I don't want to be ignored.  What a strange like to straddle.  Hopefully I will get a lot of editing done this week and I can finally start thinking about covers and what not.  You know, the fun stuff that doesn't make me break out into a cold and nervous sweat every time that I think about it.  And thus is another confession of a self-conscious author.